11Jul 2017

A simple response to secular understandings of Death from a general Catholic perspective. Certainly not an attack on any humanist friends just a tongue-in-cheek response to some of their understandings using their cartoon clip. (What should we think about death?)

27Apr 2017

Pope Francis gives a powerful TED talk emphasising the need for a “revolution of tenderness” and an awareness of the seductiveness of power. (NB. This is subtitled as he speaks in his native tongue.)

06Mar 2017

A very positive NZ Herald article on the reality of teens’ attitude to justice and ethics. NB. The key interviewee, Deborah Stevens, is one of the leaders/presenters for the New Zealand Centre for Science and Citizenship which is offering workshops around New Zealand and while not a Christian organisation their message has much synergy with Catholic teaching […]

21Feb 2017

As Pope Francis and the New Zealand Bishops encourage us to open our hearts to refugees Brian Bilston challenges us with his poem read from top to bottom, then bottom to top:

10Feb 2017

Keep checking back, we are still making improvements and additions to FaithCentral. Here are some of the latest additions: Suzanne Aubert resource links. E-Pdf versions of year 9 student texts are available with year 10 underway. 2017 Prayer Rosters added to the Chapel section. A Catholic News feed exists on the Staffroom area (teachers only).

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