FaithCentral Icon

The Icon is an attempt to express Faith as an inward and outward journey. This faith journey takes us into our own hearts, into the heart of the world and into the heart of Christ who is God’s love revealed.

In Christ, God transforms our lives.
We can respond to his love for us by reaching out and loving one another.

The circle represents our world.
White, the colour of light, represents God.
Red is for the sufferings of Christ.
Red also represents the Holy Spirit.
Yellow represents the risen Christ.

The direction of the lines is inwards except fo rthe cross which strecthes outwards.

Our lives are embedded in and dependant upon our environment (green and blue) and our cultures (patterns and textures).

Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ, is represented by the blue and white pattern.

The blue also represents the Pacific…

Annette Hanrahan rscj