Year 9

Strand Topic
Human Experience 9A My Story, Our Story
Scripture & Tradition 9B The Life and Times of Jesus
Church History 9D the Church’s Story: The Beginnings
9F Beginnings of the Church in Aotearoa/ New Zealand
Theology 9E Creation and Co-creation
Sacrament & Worship 9C The Eucharist and the Church’s Year
9G Recognising Signs of God
9H Sacraments of Initiation
Social Justice 9E Creation and Co-creation

Year 10

Strand Topic
Human Experience 10A Discovering Our Identity
Scripture & Tradition 10B Journey Stories
10G The Teachings of Jesus
Church History 10D The Church’s Story: The Middle Ages
Theology 10H Expressions of Catholic Life
Sacrament & Worship 10C The Meaning and Significance of Eucharist
10F Sinfulness and Reconciliation
Social Justice 10E Inspiring Men and Women

Year 11

Strand Topic
Human Experience 11E Ecumenism & Catholic Identity
Scripture & Tradition 11C Understanding the Gospel Story
Church History 11D The Church’s Story: Reformation and Beyond
Theology 11B Conscience, Morality, Values
Sacrament & Worship 11A The Trinity
Social Justice 11A The Trinity

Year 12

Strand Topic
Human Experience 12A Religions of the World
12G Christian Art, Architecture and Music
Scripture & Tradition 12E Biblical Studies I
Church History 12C The Church’s Story: The Modern Age
Theology 12F Christian Morality and Moral Development
Sacrament & Worship 12D Loss, Death, Grief and Dying
12HCommitment and Ministry
Social Justice 12B Justice and Peace

Year 13

Strand Topic
Human Experience 13A Finding Meaning
13H Psychology of Religion
13B Sects and Cults
Scripture & Tradition 13F Biblical Studies II
Church History 13I The Church’s Story: The Church since Vatican II
Theology 13D Jesus the Christ
13E Mary the First Disciple
Sacrament & Worship 13G Images of the Church
Social Justice 13C Ethics and Ethical Issues
13J Current Religious Issues