10E – Inspiring Men and Women

  1. Holy Men and Women

    Many men and women have advanced God’s plan.

    St Peter Chanel SM is a significant saint for New Zealand.  This is  his story.

    Find out about  Fr Damien. A Belgian who worked with lepers on Molokai an Hawaian Island.

    The Church attaches ‘patrons’ to different groups of people. Their patronage is given on the basis of their lifetime interest and example from their lives. It’s probably fair to say that some of these incidents stretch the imagination of our scientific minds, however on the other hand it’s nice to be looked after by the Saints.

    • Did you know there are patron saints for grave diggers, brewers and people suffering with sore throats? Patron Saints is a list of the patronal categories along with a brief ‘biographical’ detail.
    • More about the Church’s saints.
    • An extensive index of saints with brief biography.

    Celtic saints brings to life the stories of the Celtic saints, their vibrant spirit and the places associated with them.

    Explore the life of St. Therese of Lisieux .

    St Teresa of Kolkata (Mother Teresa) was an inspirational Catholic.

    Every community holds its heroes in great honour. The believing Christian community is no exception. The whole aim of our lives is to be Christlike. The saints help us by their example to do this.

    The Saints: heroes of the Church
    We all need people to look up to; people whose lives embody ideals we hold important and strive to emulate. Every form of human community has heroes. In New Zealand society, sports stars are an obvious example.  The Church community, too, is full of heroes and heroines. From the earliest days, it honoured the Apostles and the Christian martyrs who witnessed to their faith in Jesus even to the point of death. From generation to generation, the Church has continued to add to this list particular men and women, holding them up as examples of what it means to live a Christlike life, so that we can learn from them and imitate their qualities.*

  2. Inspiring New Zealanders

    Kiwis as we call ourselves are great people. Many New Zealanders are inspirational not only to other New Zealanders but the world.

    Numerically, New Zealanders are among the rarest group of people in the world. Historically, we’ve blown that away with world-changing ideas. Here are some people who have The New Zealand Edge and are our sources of inspiration for international achievement.

    large source of New Zealand Biographies can be found from the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography.

    Ordinary New Zealanders do things in inspiring ways like Sister Yvonne of the Daughters of Compassion.

    During the World Wars many New Zealand were inspiring in their concern for people including New Zealand’s own Bishop Cleary.

  3. Men and Women who Inspire

    Ordinary people throughout the world act as sources of inspiration.

    The Australian Department of Education Science and Training has compiled a gallery of people who have been significant in a variety of fields.  Photographs and a short biography of each is included.

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Inspiring Men and Women