10B – Journey Stories

  1. Refugees and Migrants

    From the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference, a statement on the Rights of Refugees and Migrants

  2. Journeys to Aotearoa / New Zealand

    Māori New Zealanders: Māori Origins and Arrivals – The Māori people trace their origins to eastern Polynesia, where their ancestors set off in canoes and travelled many thousands of kilometres across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand. Māori define themselves by their iwi (tribes) who each tell powerful stories of famous ancestors and voyaging canoes. The encounter with the European settlers, and the struggle for control of the land and resources, had a dramatic effect on the Māori population, its economy and way of life.  (from The Encyclopaedia of New Zealand)

    New Zealand Peoples: Origins and Arrivals – New Zealand was not known to Europeans until 1642. Over 150 years later, settlers started to arrive from England, Scotland and Ireland. The journey was long, arduous and uncomfortable, but they came in the hope of a better life. From the 20th century onwards, war, persecution and other troubles have led groups and individuals to migrate to New Zealand. Others have come by choice, seeking a change of lifestyle. Today’s New Zealanders celebrate a wide and varied heritage – from the Pacific, Europe, Asia, Africa and America.  (from The Encyclopaedia of New Zealand)

  3. The Exodus
  4. Paul’s Journeys

    In the Footsteps of Paul – With pictures, maps and a timeline, primary sources and a glossary of characters.

  5. More Quizzes

Journey Stories