10F – Sinfulness and Reconciliation

  1. Brokeness in the World

    We live in a broken world.

    However many agencies work to fight injustice.

    • NZ Bishops speak out about various Justice issues.
    • CARITAS – The NZ Bishops Agency for peace and development.
    • CAFOD – Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (UK).
    • UNHCR – United Nations Refugee Agency – news and stories of refugees.
  2. Reconciliation in the World

    Each of us brings healing and reconciliation to our world by forgiving ourselves and forgiving others.

    • Pax Christi – the International Catholic Peace Organisation.
    • The Courage to Live – Stories of Reconciliation, where women have had the foresight and the courage to take up the initiative toward reconciliation.
  3. Healing and Forgiveness

    Forgiveness is never easy but it does bring peace.


  4. Sin and Evil

    Sin is a refusal to accept and respond to love.

  5. The Sacrament of Reconciliation

    In the Sacrament of Reconcilation we turn back to God who welcomes and forgives us.

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Sinfulness and Reconciliation