10D – The Church’s Story: The Middle Ages

  1. Medieval Information Sources
    • A good starting page for the Middles Ages.  Ducksters would be aimed at Levels 4 and 5 (Yrs 7-10).  It includes the Catholic Church, the crusades and monasteries.
    • The History for Kids website is another good site for anything you want to know on the Middle Ages. This includes the crusades, daily life, key people and warfare.
    • Mr Donn’s site has a lot of links to other relevant material on the Middle Ages, including videos and animations.  This is divided into Daily Life, the Power of the Secular Leaders and the Power of the Catholic Church.
    • Information and quizzes can be found on the BBC website but you won’t be able to access the videos.  This includes the crusades, daily life and the Islamic world.
    • The History Channel website has information and short video clips on a number of key medieval topics.  This site includes Charlemagne, the crusades and the Knights Templar.
    • Activities and things to watch about monasteries on this site.  It is aimed at younger children but it is fun and informative.
    • This clip gives a 2 minute summary of Monastic Life
    • A 20 minute clip on the life of monks.
    • A short page on Medieval nuns.
    • Five options for the Religious Life for medieval women  (extra for experts!)
    • Abbesses
  2. More Quizzes

The Middle Ages

A quiz on the Middles Ages  - 10D