Year 13

You can download the full Year 13 Text here. (9.29MB)

13A – Finding Meaning


13B – Sects and Cults


13C – Ethics and Ethical Issues


13D – Jesus the Christ


13E – Mary: Mother of God


13F – Biblical Studies II

The Bible is the sacred Scriptures of the people of Israel and Christians. more»

13G – Images of Church

Exploring ways of looking at the Church. more»

13H – Psychology of Religion

The call of the Gospel is to live life to the full (John 10:10). Religion helps us to do this. more»

13I – The Church’s Story: The Church Since Vatican II

The Second Vatican Council was an important event in the life of the Catholic Church. The Council documents explore the Church’s understandings of itself and the relationship of the Church with the world. more»

13J – Current religious issues

Exploring the Catholic Church’s particular teachings on various social issues. more»