13E – Mary: Mother of God

Mary the Mother of God is a significant person in the life of Jesus and the Church. Her image has been presented in many different art forms and over the centuries many people have petioned her in times of trouble. Here we explore apects of the role Mary plays in our lives and the life of the Church.

  1. Catholic Devotion

    Mary was a real person not a plaster saint.  This article explores how contempoary Catholics see Mary and includes a list of the five features of good Marian theology as presented in Paul VI apostolic exhortation on Mary, Marialis Cultus(To Honor Mary)
    Catholic prayer is not directed to Mary.  Catholics ask Mary to pray for them.  An extensive list of Marian prayers.

    50 popular images of Mary arranged alphabetically by artist

    Many links to Marian topics.

    Mary the Blessed Mother – This site contains some useful resources on Mary.

  2. Mary in the Christian Tradition

    Raymond Brown SS – Mary in the four Gospels and Acts.

    Questions and answers  about Mary.

  3. Catholics and Mary

    The New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference statement on Mary And the Mother of Jesus was there.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia has a very full article on Mary.

    Selected Papal statements on Mary

  4. Mary Papers

    The following short articles explore particularly important aspects of the theology of Mary Mother of God.