Year 10

10A – Discovering Our Identity

How to belong to a family, a school, a country, and a church. All this gives us a unique identity. Life is a Journey. more»

10B – Journey Stories

We are all on a pilgrimage. This unit explores how our personal and group stories link to Christ’s journey through life, death and resurrection. more»

10C – The Meaning and Significance of Eucharist

Is Jesus truly present in the Eucharist? How can the Eucharist be a re-presentation of the Sacrifice of the Cross? How did the early Christians understand Eucharist? How do we understand the Mass today? Why do we call Eucharist the sacrament of unity? more»

10D – The Church’s Story: The Middle Ages

We investigate the years 800-1500 CE through the lens of the Church. East vs West, Religious Life & Missionaries, Crusades and Pilgrimages. It’s all here!! more»

10E – Inspiring Men and Women

We feature links to many famous people, including New Zealanders and Saints. Linked to this resource is the New Zealand wide online learning exercise – Inspired Kiwi’s – screensaver, Windows Theme and Web page creation. more»

10F – Sinfulness and Reconciliation

Explore brokeness in the world; read of stories of reconciliation and of world organisations who promote healing and reconciliation. Understand more about sin, and how God brings us healing through the Sacrament of forgiveness. more»

10G – The Teachings of Jesus

How did Jesus teach? Parables, sayings, preaching and meals. We examine Jesus’ manner of teaching. more»

10H – Expressions of Catholic Life

How can you tell that a person or a group of people are Catholic? What features mark a New Zealander as a Catholic? more»