10H – Expressions of Catholic Life

The Catholic Church is a universal religion and a place of welcome it is a family.  The Pope is the Catholic Church’s leader on earth.  He is elected by the College of Cardinals in a centuries old manner.

  1. New Zealand Diocese and Parishes

    New Zealand is made up of six diocese under a Bishop.

    Catholic New Zealand is divided into six dioceses:

    Each diocese is divided into Parishes. The diocesan websites have link to local parishes

    Each diocese has a Bishop as its main shepherd and teacher. Together however the Bishops form an Episcopal Conference and from time to time they teach as one.

  2. New Zealand Catholic Organisations

    The Church community has many organisations that help the teaching function of the New Zealand Bishops.

    The teaching function of the New Zealand Bishops is sometimes separated out and delegated to the likes of:

    New Zealand Catholic media and publications:

    • Catholic Communications – The NZ Bishops Agency for Communications and Media
    • NZ Catholic – National Catholic News
    • Wel-Com – News from the Wellington and Palmerston North Diocese’
    • Inform – News from the Christchurch Diocese
    • Tui Motu – InterIslands is an independent Catholic monthly magazine
  3. NZ Catholic Groups
  4. Global Catholic

    Catholics can be found in every corner of the world.

    World Youth Day – The Church’s Mega Youth Event.

    Catholic Online – a Centre for the exchange of information for Catholics and all People of God, to help them deepen their understanding of the Catholic Faith.

    Retrouvaille – a Programme to Help Couples Heal and Renew their own Marriage Relationship.

    And the biggie – The Vatican.

  5. Ask a Catholic

    Sometimes the terms and actions of Catholic can seem strange to those not in the know. Find out more about Catholics.

    Catholic Encyclopaedia –  Ever wonder about Roman Catholic beliefs and practices? Are you a Roman Catholic who wonders about some aspect of your faith? If you have a question about a topic, see what the encyclopaedia has to say about it!we’ll try to provide an answer. This is a question and answer site about Catholic doctrine designed not only for non-Catholics, but for Catholics seeking straightforward answers to selected questions about their faith.

    Glossary of terms that Catholics use. You can also go to the FaithCentral glossary for words commonly used in the text books.

  6. Young Catholics

    How do young people experience the Catholic Church?

    Special ministries with young people are up and running all round the country. Find the nearest to you here.

    World Youth Day has become a bit of a phenomenon for young Catholics – here is the latest.

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Expressions of Catholic Life