10C – The Meaning and Significance of Eucharist

  1. Eucharist as Meal

    Meals were important occasions where Jesus shared his life, revealed the Reign of God, and celebrated the first Eucharist.

    A description of the modern “seder” meal, with some similarities and differences from the Eucharist noted.

  2. Jesus is Present in the Eucharist

    Jesus is present in the Eucharist in many ways.

    Our own human experiences and relationships help us to understand Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist.

    discussion of the issues of “presence” and “sacrifice”.

  3. Eucharist in Scripture

    Biblical background of the Eucharist. Old and New Testament passages explained in detail.

  4. Sacrament of Unity

    Eucharist unites us with Jesus Christ and to all the members of the Church both living and dead.

    The concept of  Eucharist as sign and source of Christian unity is explored.

  5. Eucharist in History

    Sunday Eucharist has always been at the heart of the Church and the most important expression of Christian life.

    Extensive database of quotations on the Eucharist from saints, spiritual writers, and popes.

  6. The Mass

    The Mass is referred to as the source and summit of the Christian life.

    A walk through the Mass – simply explained.

    Brief Explanation of Parts of the Mass.

    Planning a Mass,  some guidlines:

  7. More Quizzes

Meaning and Significance of the Eucharist