12H – Commitment and Ministry

  1. Vocation – What is it?

    Through baptism, all Christians are called to holiness and fullness of life. The way in which individual Christians live out this call to holiness is unique to each person.

    The following sites serve to introduce the Catholic concept of Vocation.

    How is God calling you? What is your vocation?

    Religous Today An Australian site from the religious congregations that enables exporation of the ministry and life of religous in the contempoary world.

    We all have a vocation.  Sometimes it can seem that when we talk about vocations we are talking about priests and religious only, but all Christians are called to live out their Baptisimal promises.  This includes lay people who serve the Church in formal as well as informal ways.

  2. Marriage

    The Christian understanding of marriage, which is revealed in Scripture has developed across two-thousand years of Christian history.

    In this short video the importance of the sacrament of marriage is explored.

    Answers given to common questions people have about Catholic marriage.

  3. Ordained Ministry

    Through the Sacrament of Holy Orders certain men are called in the name of Christ and with his authority to serve the people of God as deacons, priests and bishops.

    Holy orders is presented in the context of the priesthood of all people in this informative video.

    The Sacrament of Holy Orders

    Celibacy of the Clergy

    Information about the Permanent Diaconate  what is it?  what do Deacons do?  etc

  4. Vowed Religious

    Some Christians feel God calling them to make a public commitment to religious life.

    Do young people today enter religious life? Yes this young woman did – watch Sister Julia’s story.

    When someone begins to ponder the possibility of religious life, there are many sites to help in the reflection and discernment process. some e.g.s: Sisters of MercySisters of Our Lady of the Missions; Daughters of Our Lady of CompassionMissionary Sisters of the Society of MarySisters of St Joseph; Dominican Sisters.

    Benedictine life today includes the rituals and procedures that were familiar to the Monks of the Middle Ages as you can see here.

    These short video clips from the 1990’s look at a group of religious women.

  5. Support Resources for AS90821

    If you are being assessed for this topic using Achievement Standard 90821 these resources may be useful.


    Remember that these are resources that fit the generic title of the standard if you are being assessed on your knowledge of Church Art and Architecture.  You should read the actual standard 90821, the national moderator’s report, and the assessment task that your school has set.


    AS 90821 requires you to explain and anlyse the changes in an expression of a religous tradition using a range of details and reasons (in depth) and using a range of examples to support your answer (in breadth).  You are being asked to explain and analyse some aspect of how the expression of religous vocation in a general or particular way has changed.  Read the task with care.  Is it about the changes in the rite or the changes in the life experience or general changes in the expression of vocation? Remember what gave rise to the changes is important.

    • Changes in how marriage partners from other Christian traditions were treated was significant after Vatican II.
    • How Mass was experienced changed greatly at the time of Vatican II which influenced the rite or Marriage and Ordination.
    • Religious women are usually referred to as nuns.  The expression of thier vocation has changed dramatically since Vatican II.  This site provides a variety of relfection on how and why the expression has changed.


    FaithCentral would love to know about sites that you have found useful in your preparation for assessment to any achievement standard. We are also keen to know what you would find helpful to have on FaithCentral. Please share your resources and views with us via ncrs@tci.ac.nz. Remember we are not miracle workers and will not be able to help the night before the task is due in.