9H – Sacraments of Initiation

  1. Baptism

    We are welcomed into the family of the Church through the sacrament of Baptism.

    An overview on Sacraments of Initiation.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia on Baptism.

    A page giving the background to why the Church baptises babies.

  2. Confirmation

    Confirmation continues the process of initiation into the Christian community.

    An article that looks at the question – What difference does Confirmation make?

    Does the Bible mention Confirmation? Catholic Answers has a few… Answers!!

    A quick clip on the history and purpose of Confirmation.

  3. Eucharist

    Eucharist completes initiation. It is the spiritual food that nourishes the Christian during their life journey.

    The Wiki – online encyclopedia has a definition and comprehensive discussion.

    A Roman Catholic look at Eucharist.

    Link back to 9C – Eucharist and Church’s Year.

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Sacraments of Initiation