9B – The Life and Times of Jesus

  1. The Land of Jesus’ People

    The names we hear in the stories about Jesus in the Bible are real places. Many of them still exist. In this section we explore the land that Jesus walked, the places he visited.

    A virtual tour of Jerusalem.

    Bethlehem is the Judean town that was the backdrop for various Biblical events, notably Jesus’ birth.

  2. The History of Jesus’ People

    Before Jesus’ life and death Palestine was an important area of the Middle East because of trade routes and promises God had made to the chosen people of Israel.

    Timeline before Jesus’ birth – Palestine from 3000 years before Jesus to 2006.

  3. Religious, Social and Political Groupings

    Jesus’ social and religious background influenced his teaching and how he was accepted by others. The politics of Palestine during this time was also influential.

    Find out more about The World of Jesus’ Time under the headings of:

    • Life in Galilee
    • Jerusalem
    • Society and Politics
  4. The Life of Jesus

    Exploring what is known about the Life of Jesus.

    The Catholic Encyclopaedia outlines the absolute and relative chronology of our Lord’s life.

    In the footprints of Jesus, explore the journey Mary and Joseph took during  his early years  when they went to Egypt. Then look at his travels during the first year of his ministry when he was about 30.

    In a very brief form, an outline of the life of Jesus.

    timeline of the life of Jesus.

    The Jesus of the scriptures, including documentation of the parables, miracles, similarities between and comparisons of the Gospels.

  5. The Final Stages of Jesus’ Life

    The life of Jesus has meaning because of the events of Holy Week the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

    In pictorial form, with explanation and prayerful reflection, the Franciscan Friars trace the final stages of Jesus’ life.

    Includes an exploration of the Stations of the Cross:

    • The Last Supper
    • Jesus goes down to Gethsemane
    • Jesus is led to Caiaphas
    • Jesus in front of Pilate
    • Jesus is sentenced to death
    • Jesus is given the Cross
    • Jesus falls for the first time
    • Jesus meets His Mother
    • Simon the Cyrenian helps carry the Cross
    • Veronica wipes Jesus’ face
    • Jesus falls for the second time
    • Jesus talks to the women of Jerusalem
    • Jesus falls for the third time
    • Jesus is stripped of His garments
    • Jesus is nailed to the Cross
    • Jesus dies on the Cross
    • Jesus is taken down from the Cross
    • Jesus is laid in the Sepulchre
    • Jesus rises from the dead
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Life and Times of Jesus