9E – Creation and Co-creation

  1. Creation and Evolution

    The media is full of stories regarding suggesting that Christians do not accept scientific theories of evolution. This is not true.

    The Catholic Educators’ Resource Centre provides a number of links which deal with issues of Evolution.

  2. Quick Clip

    Laudato Si’ Activity

    What is Laudato Si’?

    Saving our common home: It’s more than being a tidy kiwi

    Saving our common home: It’s all about relationships:

  3. Creation Stories from Around the World

    Human beings have always asked “how did we get here”. The response of many cultures was to tell a story, a myth to explain creation.

    Flash Movies tell creation myths in picture and sound with follow-up exercises to do. Includes the Māori creation myth  Pronunciation not great.

    Tiwi Creation Stories – from Australian Aboriginal mythology.

    Egyptian creation myth and the great creators, Atum and Khepri.

    World myths and legends in art – click on art by theme and then choose which culture you would like to know more about. Click on ‘story’ for an account of the myth.

  4. Creation Stories in Genesis

    The Christian community presents the story of Creation in the Book of Genesis.

    Outline and explanation of the two creation stories in Genesis.

  5. Stewardship and Co-creation

    We are all called to be stewards and care for God’s creation.

    Ecology.com – useful articles on energy, the origins of life, the solar system, environmental news.

  6. De-Creation

    Some examples of how humans de-create by misusing their free will.

    Environment News Service (ENS) provides up to date information on environmental issues.

    Earth Observatory provide a fact sheet on de-forestation.

    Overview on Acid Rain what it is, what causes it and how it can be prevented.

  7. Catholic Teaching on the Environment

    Catholic Social Teaching challenges each of us to be responsible with God for care of the earth.

    Catholic Social Teaching  on Stewardship.  A short slide presentation.

  8. More Quizzes

Creation and Co-Creation