9G – Recognising Signs of God

  1. Signs and Symbols in Today’s World

    Today’s world uses signs & symbols a great deal. They form the language of text and chat.

    Here is a fuller list of Common Emoticons and Acronyms.

    Cultural groups use symbols to convey significant aspects of life and belief.

    Illustrations and explanations of some common Jewish symbols.

  2. Christian Symbols

    Christian symbols have been used for thousands of years.

    list of links to many symbols. Some familiar, some less so.

  3. Sacramentals

    Sacramentals are sacred signs and rituals sometimes accompained by a prayer.  Sacramentals are such things as the Sign of the Cross, Holy Water, Scapulars, Holy Medals, and Symbolic gestures such as kneeling and blessing, and Sacred Signs such as fire, candles and ashes.

    What is a Sacramental? – All that Catholic Stuff (3.33 mins)

  4. Sacraments

    The seven sacraments of the Catholic Church are community celebrations of our belonging to the Body of Christ.

  5. More Quizzes

Recognising Signs of God