11D – The Church’s Story: Reformation and Beyond

The Reformation – The usual term for the religious movement which made its appearance in Western Europe in the sixteenth century, and which, while aiming at an internal renewal of the Church, really led to a splintering of the Church.

Various people wrote about why they had to reform the Catholic church and create new ways of being community. This site gives good links to both Reformation and Catholic reformation information.

Wikipedia – Excellent information regarding Luther and his role in the Reformation.

Wikipedia – Excellent information about Henry the VIII and the English Reformation.

A summary of Luther’s beliefs in song.

  1. Support Resources for AS90817

    If your knowledge and understanding of the topic of The Reformation is to Achievement Standard 90817 you may find the following sites useful.


    Remember that these are resources that fit the generic title of the standard.  You should read the actual standard 90817, the national moderator’s report, and the assessment task that your school has set.


    To meet AS90817 you are required to present clear and accurate information about an important aspect wotj tje development of a religious tradition.  This needs to be done in depth (giving a range of examples to support your answer) and breadth (giving detailed descriptions of the feature and a detailed explanation).  There are many aspects of the reformation that you may be asked to explore.  You must read the assessment task with care.


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