11C – Understanding the Gospel Story

An important aspect of the Gospels is that they tell stories.

The key beliefs that the Catholic church holds regarding the Scriptures.

Parables and Parabolic images in the Gospels.  This page provide a definition of parables with implications of this definition.  The purpose of parables is explained followed up with charts showing where the Gospel parables are located.

  1. Support Resources for AS90816

    If you are being assessed in your knowledge and understanding of Understanding the Gospel through Achievement Standard 90816 you may find the following resources useful. about the key features of a sacred text.


    Remember that these are resources that fit the generic title of the standard.  You should read the actual standard 90816, the national moderator’s report, and the assessment task that your school has set.


    To meet AS90816 you are required to present clear and accurate information of a sacred text with breadth and depth in order to explain how the key features help people to understand the text.  You are required to do this in breadth(using a range of supporting evidence in your explanation) and depth (using detailed descriptions).  Some of the key features that you may be asked to explain include:

    • Literary form – there are many literary forms in the Bible. This site gives many examples it doesn’t explain how understanding literary forms helps people to understand the Bible.
    • The original auidience and the purpose of the writer needs to be understood if we are to fully understand the Bible.

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Understanding the Gospel