11B – Conscience, Morality and Values

  1. Introduction to Ethics
    What do we mean by the term ‘ethics’ and how do they affect our everyday lives?

  2. Choices and Moral Dilemmas
    • Everyday Discernment – Is making decisions a straightforward process or does life seem like a constant crossroads of infinite possibilities, and saying yes to anything excludes everything else? (7 mins)
    • Your Choices Matter – Decision Point 1.1 (7 min clip) to challenge you.
    • The Best Way to Live – Decision Point 1.2  (5.20 min clip)

    The following are dilemmas to get you started on what thinking ethically is about…

  3. Consistent Ethic of Life Issues

    The basic principle is that every human life is sacred and should be defended. All issues that touch upon the dignity of the human person – such as abortion, capital punishment, modern warfare, care of the terminally ill, racism, and poverty – are connected like the “seamless garment” that Jesus himself wore (see John 19:23-24).(Catholic 365.com)





    • Just War  Is war ever the answer? What’s the Catholic approach to thinking about it? When is it justified?

    Death Penalty

  4. Catholic Teachings on Being Human and Moral Conscience

    The Catholic Church helps us form our conscience by giving guidance around good choices.

  5. The 10 Commandments

    Christian values are based on the Ten Commandments and on the words and actions of Jesus.


    1. Love the Lord your God and love your neighbour as yourself
    2. Do not take the name of the Lord in vain
    3. Keep holy the Sabbath day
    4. Honour your father and mother
    5. You shall not kill
    6. You shall not commit adultery
    7. You shall not steal
    8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour
    9. You shall not covet your neighbour’s wife
    10. You shall not covet your neighbour’s goods
  6. Some Other Moral Issues

    What are some of the moral issues faced by people today?

  7. Support Resources for Achievement Standards

    If you are being assessed in your knowledge and understanding of the topic Conscience, Morality and Values through Achievement Standards, you may find the following resources useful.


    Remember that these are resources that may fit the generic topic of a standard.  You will need to read the actual standard in question and the assessment task that your school has set. Discuss your planned response with your teacher.


    Achievement Standards require you to present clear and accurate information using a range of detail and reasons as well as using a range of examples to support your answer. You will need to describe key ethical principles of a religious tradition and how these ethical principles are applied to an issue.


    FaithCentral would love to know about sites that you have found useful in your preparation for assessment to any achievement standard.  We are also keen to know what you would find helpful to have on FaithCentral. Contact us at ncrs@tci.ac.nz with any ideas.

Conscience, morality and values

This quiz tests your knowledge on the Conscience, Morality and Values Unit.