Missionary Sisters of St Peter Claver (SSPC)

Founder: Mary Theresa Ledochowska

mary Theresa’s  family can be traced back to over a thousand years to the chivalrous Knights of the Halka. They were famous for their courage and deeds of valour.

In the 15th century Nestor Halka, a descendent of Knight Halka, received from King Casimir Jagieleo of Poland the Ledochow estate in Wolhynia and the family became known as Halka-Ledochowski.

When only five years of age Mary Theresa was writing short dramas to be enacted by the family, and she often played ‘after dinner’ music for them. At fifteen she was the editor of a monthly pamphlet ‘The Butterfly’. This brought forth great admiration from some, others were critical because it was not ‘the thing’ to be done by a teenage lady of that time. Further dramas written by her were accepted and enacted in the principal theatres of Vienna. She loved beautiful clothes, parties, outings, and was sort after by the society people of her day.

Mary Theresa went from one great achievement to another for she wanted to do something great for God, until finally she discovered that He wished her to freely leave the glamour of Court Life, for at twenty-two she was Lady-in-waiting to the Grand Duchess Alice of Tuscany.

The beginning of the Mission

Realising further that God was asking her to bring help to His African people who were being sold as slaves, with great determination she left the Court and generously set about establishing a very active apostolate which included a Printing Centre (a press) to be devoted solely to working hand in hand with missionaries.

The young Countess, Mary Theresa, applied to the government for a license to establish her Press. Twice she was refused, on account. of great oppositions “What next,” “Unheard of!” “Just fancy,” “Not the job for a young women…”

Most of the opposition was based on Anti-Catholic feelings.A third request to the government, and this time it was Victory. Mary Theresa’s Press became a reality.

The Sisters Today

Now today Mary Theresa’s Sisters, known as Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Clever are working in twenty-six countries over most of the world. The Sisters are in contact with missionaries and with friends here.

They act as a channel to send money and other material assistance to missionaries who are working for the poor In actual fact the Sisters’ lives also contribute in no small measure to the mission of the Church, by their prayer and community life, and their very active apostolate both here and in the mission areas: %u02D9Proclaim the Gospel to Every Person’.

International:  www.claveriansisters.org.uk/index.html