Sisters of the Little Company of Mary (LCM)

Founder Mary Potter

The Little Company of Mary, LCM or the Blue Sisters as they are sometimes called, is an international congregation founded by a young woman, Mary Potter, in Nottingham, England, in 1877.  Mary Potter was witty and popular. She loved parties, life and people. She lived a good life but didn’t always want to be a sister – in fact she was engaged to a serious young man called Godfrey King.

Godfrey thought Mary wasn’t serious enough about life and he gave her some spiritual books to read. One of these books helped to change Mary’s life quite a lot while still staying bright and happy, she also became aware that God was asking her to give herself completely to Him and to start a new religious congregation which would be dedicated to Mary in a special way. So much to his disappointment, Mary Potter broke off her engagement to Godfrey and gave herself to God instead.

The Congregation is established

After the Bishop had given permission, Mary gathered about her some other young women who shared her love for God and for Our Lady.It was Our Lady, on Calvary, who was their model and guide. In her company they set out to pray and care for the sick, especially for those who would soon die.

The Sisters today

At one time, the sisters were known for their work in hospitals and they began the Mary Potter Hospice in Wellington. Nowadays the sisters work in the community and care for people with all sorts of illness, sometimes in their own homes.

The official symbol of the Little Company of Mary is a pendant or brooch which shows Mary standing by Jesus’ Cross on Calvary. This symbol is very important as it is the centre of the spirit of the Little Company of Mary.

Some sayings of Mother Mary Potter

  • “Happiness is a true worship of God.”
  • “We are one in the Heart of Mary our Mother.”
  • “Now is the time to show your love to others.’

New Zealand, Australia and Tonga:  The local community