Glossary – U-W


How something stands in one’s personal estimation. Ideals or attitudes out of which one operates because of what one considers to be worthwhile.
The principles or standards of a person or society, the personal or societal judgement of what is valuable or important in life.


Vows are promises made to God. An example would be the promises made by those being married in a Church ceremony. Most often the term refers to ‘religious’ vows. These are the publicly made vows of those entering a Religious Order or Congregation. These vows usually include the Evangelical Counsels (of poverty, chastity and obedience). Vows are taken first for a temporary or probationary period before final or perpetual vows are taken. An explanation of the solomon vows as made by poor clare nuns.

Way of the Cross

The route followed by Jesus through the streets of Jerusalem to Calvary. Also called the Via Dolorosa or sorrowful way. Follow the Way of the Cross yourself in modern day Jerusalem.

Wesleyan (Methodist)

Terms used to describe a Christian renewal movement that started in Great Britain under the leadership of John Wesley (1703-93) and his brother Charles (1707-88). It later led to the establishment of churches independent of the Church of England but in communion among themselves.

Witness (N.2044)

Give evidence of or testify to the truth of one’s claims or beliefs. A person may give witness by what they say or teach, or they may show the truth of what they say by the way they act and how they live their lives.

Worship (N.1066-1112, 2096-97)

The First Commandment calls on people to put God before all else. Jesus said, citing the book of Deuteronomy, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve”. To worship is to adore and venerate, to give praise and thanks, acknowledging our dependence on God. Worship may be private or public. For Catholics the greatest act of worship is the Sacred Liturgy. In the liturgy of the Church, God the Father is blessed and adored as the source of all the blessings of creation and salvation with which he has blessed us in his Son, in order to give us the Holy Spirit.